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Landscape Services

The Landscape Services Division staff consisting of certified arborists, landscape architects, horticulturalists, and landscape professionals are responsible for the City’s urban forest management which includes the planting of new trees and ongoing pruning and maintenance of approximately 40,000 existing trees and palms on City properties and rights of way. The division is also responsible for the landscape maintenance and meticulous beautification of approximately 370 green spaces, parks, parking lots, streetscape plazas, and open areas within the City limits, concentrating on planting design and maintenance, irrigation repair, fertilization and pest control. The Division manages permitting for tree removals and replacements and coordinates tree removals and replacements with City arborists and contractors.  The licensed landscape architects in the division review plans for development and renovation of public and private properties within the City, working closely with the planning department, parks department, and development services departments to participate in public design review boards, community meetings, board of architects reviews, permitting, and construction inspection City-wide. The director and assistant director of the division also serve as liaisons between the City and the Landscape Beautification Advisory board, consisting of community members who actively contribute ideas for Citywide landscape planning and improvements, as well as host a yearly Arbor Day celebration held in City schools to provide educational opportunities to children and the public about landscape benefits and environmental education.

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Landscaper Registration

Landscape Construction Details

Best Management Practices

Invasive and Banned Plants of Miami-Dade County


Swales are low shallow areas located between the travel way and resident’s homes and/or sidewalks. Swale areas are part of the City’s public right-of-way; however, residents adjacent to the locations are responsible for maintaining what is planted and installed on grade in City swales. Allowed materials include, sod, certain non-woody groundcovers, and three varieties of crushed stone. The attached package explains how residents can improve the aesthetics of their swale by following these guidelines, and executing a simple public works permit to employ their own contractors to do the installations.


Black Olive Staining Study

Tree Trimming Over Property Lines

Coral Gables Tree Ordinance

Red Road Landscape Improvements

Permit Applications for Tree Removal

Residents can apply for a permit to perform tree removal, relocation, and tree trimming on existing trees in City swales by executing this permit application and employing a licensed tree company with a certified arborist on staff.

FPL & City Coral Gables joint management of trees under power lines