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Bicycling Coral Gables

Commission Adopted Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan 


Adopted by City Commission in 2014,  The City of Coral Gables’ Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan  proposes more than 27 miles of new or improved bikeways, sidewalks and crosswalks. It recommends a comprehensive expansion of bike infrastructure that will appeal to users of all ages and abilities. As people increasingly choose to use a bicycle as a mode of transportation for errands, work commutes or recreation, vehicular traffic and emissions are reduced, contributing to a more livable Coral Gables.

Can you imagine commuting to work while having fun and de-stressing? Can you imagine riding a bike in a safe, protected bike lane with your family without sitting in traffic?  Coral Gables is working to make this mobility option a reality for all ages and abilities.

Providing protected bike lanes provides many benefits for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. According to traffic data collected before and after installation of bike lanes on high-traffic streets in New York City, the following benefits were seen:

• Automobile travel times on project streets have improved while vehicle volumes were maintained
• Crashes with injuries have been reduced by 17%
• Pedestrian injuries are down by 22%
• Total injuries have dropped by 20%
• 75% decrease in average risk of a serious injury to cyclists from 2001 to 2013
• Cyclist injury risk has generally decreased on protected bicycle lane corridors within this study as cyclist volumes rise and cyclist injures decrease

For more information about bicycling in Coral Gables please email: or call 305-460-5000. 

Do you know what the different types of bike facilities might look like on your street? 

Many people think a bike path is "just a bike path" but not all bike facilities are the same, nor do they provide the same benefits.

We selected a sample street to illustrate how each type of facility would look on the roadway.

Residential Streets Existing Conditions

Bike Parking 1

Request a Bike Rack! 

Are you a business owner who would benefit by providing bicycle parking at your venue? Do you know a business that needs a bike rack? The City will furnish and install bike racks, free of charge, to businesses in an effort to become a more bicycle friendly community and encourage residents to choose cycling as a means to a healthy lifestyle and a transportation alternative. Request a bike rack online be installed in front of your business, on public property or use the City Mobil App .

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