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Alhambra Circle Complete Streets Project

Alhambra Fact Sheet

The City of Coral Gables Public Works Department has been working to provide traffic calming and multi-modal transportation options on Alhambra Circle between San Amaro Drive and Coral Way. A Federal grant application was awarded in 2015 for the project.  A public workshop was conducted on September 25th, 2019, at the Coral Gables Memorial Youth Center to gather input from the community to help develop the project, and a walk through along the project corridor was conducted on October 19, 2019.  An additional community engagement meeting will be held on January 25, 2020, at the corner of Coral Way and Alhambra Circle.  

Below are resources from the workshop and walk through including: 

With the certain construction of the Underline, following the award of a $22 million grant, residents will be able to safely access this 10-mile linear park by riding bikes or walking from all over Coral Gables should the Alhambra Circle Complete Streets project be constructed. There is no parking provided at the Underline which makes alternative modes a necessity. 

First Community Engagement Meeting - September 25, 2019

Alhambra Circle Complete Street (Traffic calming, sidewalks, bike facilities, and repaving)

Alhambra Circle Powerpoint Presentation [PDF]

Second Community Engagement Meeting - October 19, 2019

How will the City protect the tree canopy

The City maintains more than 38,000 trees in its public rights of way.  Working closely with our city arborist, our goal is to remove as few trees as possible.  We are committed to protecting our emblematic tree canopy, which is not only beautiful, but also an important component of our resilience efforts providing practical and environmental benefits.  The Alhambra Circle Complete Street project is also an important part of making Coral Gables resilient, enhancing how our residents move around our city, among other benefits.  The project also includes adding trees in the traffic circles and on parts of the improved swales.

Tree Roots

Alhambra Circle Complete Streets Ideas

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