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Transportation Advisory Board

The Transportation Advisory Board

The purpose of the Board shall be to identify and recommend improvements to develop transportation connectivity of all modes to provide a variety of transportation alternatives. One of the primary objectives of this Board would be to maintain a well-integrated urban street grid, providing access to commercial centers without sacrificing the high quality of life that exists within city neighborhoods. It will review traffic calming opportunities and recommend policies to apply in City neighborhoods. The ultimate goal would be to effectively protect and maintain the multi-modal transportation network and the safe and effective use of public rights of way.


Members must be resident of the City and shall have resided in the City for six (6) months prior to their appointments.


Seven (7) members with the five (5) City Commissioners appointing one member each, one (1) member to be appointed by the Commission-As-A-Whole, and one (1) member to be nominated by the City Manager, with all appointments being confirmed by the Commission.


The Advisory Board shall hold one regular meeting each month and special meetings at such times as the Advisory Board may determine, at the call of the Chairman or the Secretary. If there is no business to conduct, a meeting need not be held, however, the Advisory Board must meet at least semi-annually to remain active.

Public Meetings

All meetings of the Advisory Board shall be open to the public, and a written summary of the proceedings shall be kept showing its action on each question considered, and such record shall be filed in the office of the Secretary and submitted to the City Commission. Meetings are held at 427 Biltmore Way in the 2nd Floor Large Conference Room.

Meeting Schedule/Information