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Keep Coral Gables Beautiful Past Events

Past Events

Great American Cleanup - Solo Cleanup Season

The Great American Cleanup Season has come to an end and Keep Coral Gables Beautiful wants to thank everyone that participated in a Solo Cleanup. An estimated 253 pounds of litter was collected by volunteers covering 11 miles of the City. Congratulations to the South Gables Dental Group, Fior, and Pichardo Families, our Most Pounds of Litter Collected contest winners! Thank you to the Coral Gables Community Foundation for their donation of gift certificates to local restaurants as this season's prizes. 

Three photos of poeple cleaning up trash and laying mulch in Coral Gables. The photos are numbered 1-3 with award ribbons. Keep Coral Gables Beautiful and Coral Gables Community Foundation logos are in the corners.

Stantec Company Cleanup

Companies are encouraged to participate in organizing community cleanups in partnership with Keep Coral Gables Beautiful. Recently, Stantec employees participated in a group clean-up effort at Matheson Hammock Park. They collected 67 pounds of litter from the surrounding bike trail and waterway. 

“Events like these are a great and fun way to have companies give back to the community while helping the environment and providing a team-building experience,” said Matt Anderson, the City’s Senior Sustainability Analyst.  

A group of people pose behind several filled garbage bags and a broken bucket.

Downtown Cleanup

Keep Coral Gables Beautiful in partnership with the Coral Gables Community Foundation, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce and the Business Improvement District, volunteers took to the streets of downtown Coral Gables to pick up litter from sidewalks, medians, and alleys. 

 Thankfully, the rain didn’t stop participants from collecting 69 pounds of litter in a two-mile radius.

A man usesa pick stick to collect trash from under a shrub.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

Thank you to the more than 400 cars and 750 attendees who drove through the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event on Saturday, April 24. As a result, the City was able to safely dispose of 8,804 pounds of old electronics,14,000 pounds of household hazardous waste, and 8,000 pounds of shredded sensitive paper.

Throughout the past six years, these bi-annual events have diverted more than 240,000 pounds of electronic and hazardous waste along with over 49,000 pounds of paper from entering landfills and polluting the environment.

Three photos from the electronic and hazardous waste event. In the middle is text that reads "thank you for your participation"

University of Miami Litter Index

Keep Coral Gables Beautiful and the University of Miami partnered to conduct a campus-wide litter index this past April. Using Keep America Beautiful’s Community Appearance Index methodology, students mapped out the campus into three areas with four sites in each which were scored on a scale of one to four depending on the litter present. The campuses received an overall score of 1.33 meaning that there was minimal or no litter present on campus.

Keep Coral Gables Beautiful is in the process of conducting a citywide litter index.

A group of people make the U handshape in front of a large sculpture of the University of Miami U.

Plogging at Matheson Collection Results

Keep Coral Gables Beautiful wants to thank everyone that participated in the Great American Cleanup season kick-off event, 'Plogging at Matheson' on March 20, 2021. Participants collected a total of 165 pounds of waste, all while enjoying the spring weather and helping the environment. Make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming events and ways to keep our environment green. 

people clean up trash along a shaded trail.

2020 Christmas Tree Recycling Program

Keep Coral Gables Beautiful wants to thank all the residents that participated in this year’s Christmas Tree Recycling Program. The City collected 2,800 Christmas trees for recycling. That is roughly 140,000 pounds of mulch that will be used in our City parks and planting areas throughout the community. THANK YOU!

Thank you for participating. 2,800 trees collected. Roughly 140,000 pounds of Mulch.

2020 International Coastal Cleanup Season

Keep Coral Gables Beautiful in partnership with celebrated International Coastal Cleanup with a 2020 twist. This year, to ensure safety, instead of a large one-day event, a cleanup season was held from Sept. 19 to Nov. 1. Keep Coral Gables Beautiful and Vice Mayor Vince Lago encouraged residents to participate in Solo Cleanups throughout the season. The City hosted two supply pickup locations: City Hall and the Biltmore Tennis Center for those that wanted to participate in solo cleanups. Supplies were donated by The City also hosted its own Team Member Cleanup event which collected about 400 pounds of trash from the waterway. 

Congratulations to the winners of the Keep Coral Gables Beautiful International Coastal Cleanup contests. Carlos J. Garcia went above and beyond this cleanup season completing four solo cleanups and collecting some 314 pounds of trash. His hard work and dedication make him the winner of the Four or More contest as well as the first-place winner of the Best Before & After Photo Contest. Second place goes to the Rodriguez Family and third place to Lizandra Lopez. Congratulations to all the winners!  

Special thanks to all who participated in a #SoloCleanup. A big thank you to the Lago Family and the Coral Gables Community Foundation for donating the prizes.  

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Keep Coral Gables Beautiful Logo surrounded by photos of people cleaning up nature in Coral Gables

2020 America Recycles Day

Thank you for your participation

Through rain and sunshine, the Nov. 14 Household Hazardous Waste event was a huge success! Thank you to the over 600 cars and 1,200 attendees who drove through the event and safely disposed of 17,154 pounds of electronic waste, 17,558 pounds of household hazardous waste, and shredded 9,180 pounds of sensitive documents. As a result of the events over the last four years, the City has diverted over 200,000 pounds of electronic and hazardous waste along with over 41,000 pounds of paper from entering the landfill or potentially the environment. If you couldn’t make it out to the event, you can still do your part this America Recycles Day by taking the #BeRecycled pledge. Our next Household Hazardous Waste Event will take place during the Great American Cleanup in April.