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25 mph Speed Limit

Commission PASSED ordinance for 25 mph on Residential Street

Legislative efforts, like lowering the speed limit, combined with enhanced street design (which will be accomplished through the multimodal plan ), education and enforcement policies work together to create a street system and standard of behavior that dramatically lessens the consequences of everyday mistakes.

This effort is aligned with the Commission adopted Strategic Plan Objective to attain world class performance levels in public safety. Public Works has set a goal of 10% reduction in injuries each year. Slower speeds decrease the frequency (and severity) of injuries.

The move to re-adopt a 25 mph speed limit takes us back to the days before car was king. The City of Coral Gables adopted Ordinance 655 in the 50’s where the speed limit was 25 mph in residential and 15 mph in the business district and around schools. It wasn’t until Miami Dade County became incorporated, during the rise of the highway age, that the speed limit was changed to 30 mph.

The ordinance has passed and staff will work  to replace existing signs with the new signage and we will launch an intensive awareness campaign.

Become a Pace car

To receive and display a Neighborhood Pace Car magnet, I pledge to:

  • Be aware of my speed and observe the speed limit;
  • Slow down near schools and other areas such as playgrounds, parks, residential streets where children are present
  • Always yield to pedestrians crossing the street
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs and then look carefully before proceeding
  • Be courteous to bicyclists and other road users
  • Not tailgate
  • Not block walkways, bike lanes, or driveways when parking
  • Consider using alternate means of transportation and consolidate car trips to lessen traffic on residential streets
  • Display the Pace Car Bumper Sticker on my vehicle so other drivers know why I am driving courteously and at a safe speed
  • Encourage others to sign the pledge. The more Pace Car drivers, the safer our streets will become.

Take the Pledge

Will my street be converted to 25mph?

Would you like to know more?

  • You can download the presentation of the 25 mph speed limit below.  If you have questions, you can email jkeller@coralgables.com or call 305-460-5618. View the Speed Limit Reduction Presentation