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2800 S.W. 72nd Avenue

Public Works

The Public Works Department strives to provide excellent customer service to residents, the business community and other City departments through various divisions:

Automotive Division

The Automotive Division provides a safe, reliable and attractive fleet of vehicles and equipment suitable to the functions of the City’s departments at a competitive cost.

Central Division

The Central Division provides customer service to the public and other departments.  Oversees the routing of all voice and written communications and requests to the appropriate divisions within the department, other City departments, and external agencies.  Support staff enters requests into the GovQA system for action, follow-up and record purposes.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division provides engineering and architectural services for the City using a combination of in-house personnel and outside consultants for various projects (paving, drainage, sanitary sewers, force mains, traffic, etc.).  The division reviews plans, issues permits and inspects construction in the public right-of-way consisting of roadways, waterways and easements.

Phone: 305-460-5025 or 305-460-5026

Landscape Services Division

The Landscape Services Division is responsible for the landscape maintenance programs for City properties, including selected public rights of way, parks, City buildings, and parking lots. The Division is also responsible for landscape installation and tree maintenance programs for the City. Tree trimming, irrigation maintenance/repair, fertilization, pest control, and landscape plant and tree installation, is either performed by or managed by this Division. Private contractors are used where appropriate to provide these services under the strict supervision of Division personnel. Inspections for the City's tree removal permitting process are also made by the Landscape Services Division.

Phone: 305-460-5135

R.O.W. Maintenance & Enforcement Division

The R.O.W. Maintenance & Enforcement Division provides essential services such as street sweeping, roadway/sidewalk repairs.  The division also maintains canals and bridges.

Sanitation Division

The Sanitation Division strives to provide high quality friendly service that ensures that the public receives excellent waste collection service while minimizing environmental impacts. The Division provides three separate waste collection services to approximately 11,000 single family homes; recycling, garbage and yard waste. Back door recycling service is provided once weekly, back door garbage twice weekly, and curbside yard waste collection once each week.

Please visit the City's Waste Collection page for more information on trash/garbage and recycling collection procedures

Phone: 305-460-5346 or 305-460-5135

Instructions to Report a Missed Single Family Home Pickup

If you have a missed pick up, for quickest response, we recommend you use the Coral Gables app or report online . If you do not have access to a computer, you may call (305) 460-5346.

Sustainable Public Infrastructure Division

The Sustainable Public Infrastructure Division is comprised of the City’s transportation planning & engineering, sustainability and facilities sections who are responsible for the development and implementation of strategic and comprehensive, long-term multi-modal transportation plan and sustainability plan for the City of Coral Gables. The Division coordinates assigned activities with other departmental divisions, City departments and outside agencies.

Our Facilities Section aims to provide "best in class" support- ensuring clean, comfortable, safe, and effective facilities are provided to meet the needs of the City of Coral Gables Residents and Guests and the professional staff and support systems that serve them.

Utilities Division

The Utilities Division provides operation, maintenance and compliance for the City's sanitary sewer collection and storm water systems.

Public Works Department
2800 S.W. 72nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305-460-5000

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Closed holidays and weekends