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Technical Services Division

police patch.jpg  Coral Gables Police Department 
2151 Salzedo Street
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Division Commander:  Lt. Klaus Reinoso

Email  :

The Technical Services Division is comprised of 59 employees working in the Communications Section, Property and Evidence Section, Radio Shop, and the Records Management and Technology Section.  The division is managed by a Major, a Lieutenant, three Sergeants, and seven civilian supervisors.

Communications Section 

The Coral Gables Police Department Communications Section is one of only seven Public Safety Answering Points (P.S.A.P.) in Miami-Dade County.  The Communications Center receives and dispatches both police and fire-rescue calls for service around the clock, year round.  There are four ways in which calls for service (CFS) are generated: 911 emergency calls, non-emergency calls, inter-agency radio communications, and officer self-initiated activity.

Communications Operators function as call takers, fire/police dispatchers, and teletype operators.  There are roughly 270 calls for service (CFS) generated every day.  Information is entered in the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) and routed expeditiously to the dispatcher for broadcasting and assignment.  In the case of an emergency or critical incident, call takers also make notifications and call out essential personnel.  In multi-agency operations, dispatchers can patch into the Miami-Dade County radio system, allowing Coral Gables Police Officers working the incident to communicate instantaneously with other law enforcement officials.  The Teletype Operator is responsible for all queries requested by sworn personnel such as criminal history and warrants.  Communications Operators are also responsible for checking the status of and entering stolen articles, vehicles, missing persons, Be-On-The-Lookout advisories and messages.  The position of teletype also handles the City's Direct Connect Alarm System that notifies the communications operator immediately if an alarm is activated at a commercial establishment in the City connected to the Police Department.  This service is provided at no cost to the merchants in the City.  Tours of the Communications Center are provided to members of the public and groups upon request.

The Property and Evidence Section 

The Property and Evidence Section is staffed by a team consisting of a Property and Evidence Supervisor, two full-time and two part-time property clerks.  These individuals adhere to strict Departmental protocols while handling stolen property, crime evidence, seized weapons and illicit narcotics.  Their task consist of managing, inventorying, securing, and purging property and evidence per Florida State Statutes while ensuring that proper chain-of-custody for judicial purposes is met.

Records Management and Technology Section 

The Records Management and Technology Section is comprised of a Police Sergeant, one Police Officer, and eight Records Clerks.

The section is tasked with receiving, updating, and maintaining any and all information relevant to police reports. This can include the actual report, arrest reports, property reports, and associated documents. The section also responds to public information requests from a variety of sources, including the general public, law enforcement agencies, attorneys and the courts. They are also tasked with records retention issues, including disposing of records that have reached the end of their retention period. Additionally, the section is tasked with seal and expungement requests.

The Records Management and Technology Section also provides fingerprinting services to the public for a nominal fee.

Radio Shop Section 

The Radio Shop is comprised of the Radio Shop Supervisor and two Radio Technicians.

The Radio Shop is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the city’s 800 MHz digital simulcast radio network.   The staff maintains the City’s inventory of approximately 830 mobile and portable radios.   In addition to maintenance activities, the Radio Shop installs radios, mobile data equipment and other electronic devices into City vehicles.   The Radio Shop is open five days a week, and provides constant, on-demand support for the City's communications systems.