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Specialized Enforcement Division

Coral Gables Police Department
2151 Salzedo Street
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Division Commander: Major Jennie Hoff

The Specialized Enforcement Division (SED), created in 2007, has increased the efficiency of specialized units and provides better management and accountability of its strategies. The Specialized Enforcement Division is comprised of the Bike Patrol, Marine Patrol, Mounted Patrol, Traffic Crash Investigation and Traffic Enforcement units. SED is currently staffed with one Lieutenant, four Sergeants, 18 Officers, and one civilian support staff member. Further responsibilities of this division include: DUI enforcement programs, SCUBA underwater recovery, and selective traffic enforcement.

The Specialized Enforcement Division is also responsible for all the special events within the City of Coral Gables. Some of these events include: Fourth of July Fireworks at the Biltmore Hotel, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Junior Orange Bowl Parade, Big Toy Extravaganza, Eggstreme Egg Hunt, as well as other 5K charity races and walks.

Crash Investigations/Traffic Homicide Unit 

The Crash Investigation/Traffic Homicide Unit is a critical component of the Specialized Enforcement Division and an important branch to Uniform Patrol. Traffic crashes are one of the most common, and at times severe, calls for service handled by the Coral Gables Police Department. CIU/THU investigates all types of crashes from minor property damage traffic crashes to traffic fatalities. Additionally, the unit conducts traffic enforcement to educate the public, prevent crashes, and save lives. The unit is comprised of one Sergeant and three Officers. All personnel assigned to Traffic Homicide have each completed a minimum of 240 hours of specialized training in traffic crash reconstruction. Traffic Homicide Investigators are available 24 hours a day for severe crash and traffic fatality investigations.

The Police Department’s DUI countermeasures program is also administered by this office. This program participates in a countywide DUI Task Force with other state and local law enforcement agencies. It participates in DUI saturation operations and DUI checkpoints designed to make our community a safer place by taking impaired drivers off the roadways.

Traffic Enforcement Unit 

The Traffic Enforcement Unit (motorcycles) is an element within the Specialized Enforcement Division. This unit strives to maintain control of traffic matters through the enforcement of traffic laws within the City of Coral Gables.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit is comprised of one Sergeant and eight Officers. All individual officers are issued speed measuring devices and a PDA which is used for the issuance of electronic traffic citations. The unit is also equipped with three Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailers (SMART) and two Radar Recorders. The SMART is used to gather traffic data at various locations in order to determine the most effective deployment of personnel for enforcement and education. The SMART is also utilized as a visual display to make drivers aware of their speed while traveling through City streets. The Radar Recorders are automated traffic data collectors; hence they are non-invasive and tend to gather highly accurate traffic data.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit participates in the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). The program’s goal is to utilize resources to deter aggressive driving and prevent traffic crashes.

Marine Patrol Unit 

The Coral Gables Marine Patrol Unit is staffed by a Sergeant and three Officers who work under the supervision of the SED Lieutenant. The unit is tasked with a wide range of activities with boater safety and education as its primary purpose. The unit provides crime prevention, environmental/resource protection, and hurricane preparedness. The unit also assists many other local, state, and federal agencies, including Homeland Security, with issues such as port security, narcotics interdiction, and illegal immigration. The unit is an active participant in the Coral Gables PAL program and a variety of other community events throughout the year. Marine Patrol is equipped with three patrol boats, a 28' Boston Whaler, a 29' Contender, a 28' Whitewater, and two smaller vessels for restricted waters.

The Coral Gables Underwater Recovery/Dive Team is a part-time unit that works in an on-call capacity on a variety of activities. The unit is staffed by a Sergeant and six Police Divers. They provide search and recovery duties for evidence, objects or persons lost in the surrounding waters including boating accident investigations. The unit also assists with hull and seawall searches and large scale activities with other agencies as part of Homeland Security.

Agencies that the CGPD Marine Patrol Unit Assist: 

  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Miami-Dade Marine Patrol
  • City of Miami Marine Patrol
  • Biscayne National Park Rangers
  • Florida Wildlife Commission
  • Miami Dade Fire – Marine
  • Broward Sheriff’s Office – Marine Patrol
  • Key Biscayne Marine Patrol
  • Miami Beach Marine Patrol

Bicycle Patrol Unit 

The Coral Gables Police Bicycle Patrol Unit is comprised of one Sergeant and four Officers. This unit provides support to the Uniform Patrol Division through the use of bicycles and Segways. Unit members handle 911 situations requiring police response and are specifically focused on crimes against persons and property occurring in the City’s business districts. The unit has established direct public contact with merchants, residents and community organizations within the assigned areas.

The Bicycle Patrol Unit pays special attention to the downtown business district by patrolling the numerous alleyways, parking garages and other areas that are not accessible by patrol vehicles. This added dimension to the Specialized Enforcement Division is a great asset in the prevention of business burglaries, vehicle burglaries, vehicle thefts, robberies and vandalism in the area. Unit members make a concerted effort to contact the merchants and shop owners within the business districts in order to build rapport and improve community-policing relations. The Bicycle Patrol Unit works with the county court and state agencies to help provide homeless persons with any services that are needed or requested. Unit members also enforce all applicable laws, statutes and ordinances related to traffic, pedestrian and parking enforcement.

The Bicycle Patrol Unit participates in the following events:

  • Holiday Bike Patrol
  • Art Gallery Night
  • Jobie Fun Day
  • Easter Seals
  • Junior Orange Bowl Parade
  • School Demos
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Big Toy Event

Mounted Patrol Unit

The Coral Gables Mounted Patrol Unit is comprised of one Officer who works under the supervision of the SED Lieutenant.   This newly added unit is comprised of one horse who will be utilized for special events.