Police Chief's Message

I like to wish everyone a happy new year and I am certain that 2019 will bring our agency new opportunities.  We always look to improve any areas in need and continue the partnership that we have with residents and business owners in the City Beautiful. 

With the start of the year, I want to remind our residents to continue to communicate with us their concerns about suspicious incidents.  The officers depend on the people they encounter for support and helping us address any issues that may occur. 

As a reminder in the evening hours, have lighting on timers so that your homes appear to be occupied while away and contact us for a house watch when you are on vacation or away for extended times.

We value the support and trust we have from the City Mayor, Commissioners and the City Manager and look forward to our new public safety building with a completion date in the fall of 2020 (see picture below of the ground breaking ceremony)

(L-R) Police Chief Ed Hudak, City Manager Peter Iglesias, Fire Chief Marcos De La Rosa

I am proud to be a Coral Gables Police Officer and honored to be your Chief.

Edward J. Hudak Jr.

Chief of Police

City of Coral Gables                         

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