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Coral Gables Internal Affairs


The Coral Gables Police Department is recognized as one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the nation and we are proud of the high quality of service we provide to the residents and visitors of Coral Gables.  To maintain this well-deserved reputation, we must first strive for excellence.  It is essential that all allegations of police misconduct are investigated thoroughly and objectively.  This will assure the public that official misconduct will not be tolerated and at the same time will provide a process whereby unjustly accused officers can be vindicated.  the responsibility and authority for these investigations fall within the Coral Gables Police Department and are vested in the Office of the Chief of Police, Internal Affairs Section.

The Citizen Complaint Process

  • Citizen complaints against Coral Gables Police Officers and/or non-sworn employees are investigated by the Internal Affairs Section.
  • All complaints will be accepted by the Internal Affairs Section and can be received in person, by letter, by telephone or by email.  Anonymous complaints are also accepted.
  • You may at anytime speak with a Supervisor to initiate a complaint on any employee of the Police Department.
  • If you prefer to mail your complaint send it directly to the Internal Affairs Section at the Coral Gables Police Department.
  • Upon receipt of the complaint, you will be contacted by the Internal Affairs Section and/or a Supervisor.  At this time you my be requested to provide a sworn statement(s), produce any evidence of allegations and/or discuss the complaint in detail.
  • Following a thorough and impartial investigation, a disposition will be rendered based upon all available factual information.  The complainant will be contacted at the completion of the investigation and will have the opportunity to discuss the disposition of the complaint.
  • To contact the Coral Gables Police Department Internal Affairs Section:
    • Internal Affairs Phone:  305-460-5450 Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • Main Police Department phone:  305-442-1600 (24 hours a day)
    • Internal Affairs fax/email:  305-460-5493 or
    • Mail: Coral Gables Police Department, Internal Affairs Section, 2151 Salzedo Street, Coral Gables, Florida 33134

Warning:  Filing a false complaint is a crime.  False complaints are forwarded to the Miami Dade County State Attorney's Office.

Under Florida's Public Records Law, all completed cases and annual statistical summaries of complaints and internal affairs investigations become public record and are made available for inspection during normal business hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are all complaints investigated?

A.  Yes, all complaints against employees are investigated provided the complaint contains sufficient data to warrant an investigation.

Q.  What happens to my complaint?

A.  The complaint is documented on a Complaint Intake Form.  When received, the complaint is classified and assigned to an investigator of supervisory rank.  Statements are taken from the complainant, all witnesses, and the subject employee(s).  Upon     completion, the case is reviewed and a disposition is made by the Office of the Chief.

Q.  How long will it take to resolve my complaint?

A.  Typically, a case can take from 45 days to a maximum of 180 calendar days.  Some investigations are more complex and may take longer.

Q.  Will I be notified of the findings?

A.  Yes, both the complainant and the employee are notified and encouraged to contact the Internal Affairs Section to discuss the findings.

Q.  Do other agencies investigate police misconduct?

A.  Yes, the State Attorney's Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reviews all cases involving alleged criminal misconduct.  the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's Office review allegations of civil rights violations.


 2020 IA Case Summary.pdf