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Coral Gables Crime Watch

Greetings from the Crime Watch Director

The Coral Gables Crime Watch Director:  Ms. Ana Lam

Telephone: 305-441-5760 or by Email

Mission Statement

To promote a safer community through education of the residential, commercial, and youth sectors of the community and to support law enforcement agencies in the discharge of their duties.

Officers for 2020-2021

President: Aaron Glasser

Vice President: Ms. Elizabeth "Lee" Maloff

Secretary/Treasurer: Gus Fonte

Member Organizations

CG Business Improvement                  Mr. Gus Fonte

Coral Gables Museum                         Ms. Lynn Bauer

CG Chamber of Commerce                 Mr. James Blough                                                                                                                                                  

University of Miami Police                    Chief David Rivero

Coral Gables City Manager                  Mr. Peter J. Iglesias

Coral Gables Fire Department             Chief Marcos De La Rosa

Coral Gables Garden Club                   Mrs. Dorothy Thompson 

Coral Gables Merrick Lion Club            Ms. Elizabeth "Lee" Maloff

Coral Gables Police Department          Chief Edward J. Hudak Jr.

Coral Gables Woman's Club                 Ms. Lucita Moran

Fraternal Order of Police                       Lieutenant Javier Bruzos

Fraternal Order of Police Assoc. #7      Aaron Glasser

Kiwanis Club of Coral Gables                Mr. John "Jack" Thompson

Lola B. Walker HOA                              Mr. Carl Prime

Rotary Club of Coral Gables                 Ms. Carol Brock

Granada Presbyterian Church              Mr. Jack Thompson

State Attorney's Office                          Ms. Angie Fernandez