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Found Property

The following FOUND (lost) property items are in the custody of the Coral Gables Police Department. Pursuant to Florida State Statute 705.103, after 90 days, the Coral Gables Police Department may elect to destroy the property, retain the property for government use, trade the property to another government agency, donate the property to a charitable organization, sell the property, or surrender the property to the finder if it remains unclaimed. Anyone who has legal claim to this property may contact the Coral Gables Police Department Property and Evidence Section Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at (305)460-5449.

Found Property August 2021:                          Found Property September 2021:         Found Property October 2021:  

4) Keys  (2) Keychains,  Bicycle                        (2) Bicycle, (2) Backpack                       Electric Gardening Tool, Wallet 

Speaker, Green Bag, Radio                              Cellphone, Cellphone Charger               (7) Backpacks, Fanny Pack

(4) Bags, Tablet, Hat                                             Laptop,  Laptop Charger                        (10) Shaving Kits, T-shirt, 

Cellular Phone, Phone Charger, Book               Knife, Clothing, Books                           (2) Nail Clippers, Cellphone

Laptop, Compute Charger, Adapter                   Hat, Controller                                       (2) Face Creams, Shampoo

Bracelet, Laptop Bag                                                                                                        Personal Hygiene Items