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Residential Permits

The City of Coral Gables has instituted a Residential Permit Parking Program that is available to any residential property owner when there is significant shortage of parking availability in the immediate area due to commercial parking incursion. A residential property owner must request a Residential Permit Parking Program in a specific block of any single street named, numbered block. If the petition is signed by a majority, one more than 50 percent of the property owners within the designated zone, the parking director will determine whether the designated area qualifies for inclusion in the residential decal program.

The cost for a Residential Permit Decal is $20 per vehicle per year. Four visitor hanglets are provided to each participating residence. Additional visitor hanglets are available at $5 each per day. To purchase or renew your permit, please bring the following three documents (all three documents must have the same address within the program area boundaries and be in the name of the person acquiring the program decals):

1. Valid driver’s license
2. Valid motor vehicle registration
3. Printout of current utility bill (not older than two months); or current fully executed Lease of property located within the program area.

Substitutes or expired documents will not be accepted. All three documents are required every year to renew your permit.

COCG Residential Decal Parking Program.pdf