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Meter Rental

If you would like to reserve metered parking spaces in front of your place of residence or business for an event, construction or move, please email a request three (3) business days in advance of the event to .  Write on the subject line "Parking Meter Reservation" and include:

•Contact Name and Phone Number
•Reason for the parking space rental
•Number of parking spaces* required and location (address) include parking meter numbers (begin with a letter on meter post)
•Specific dates of usage
•City of Coral Gables Permit (for work being performed)

*If the space is in front of another property or business, an approval letter from that property/business owner authorizing you to use that spaces is required.

A member of our staff will contact you by email to notify you if your request has been approved; or if additional documentation is required. For questions, please call the Parking Administrative Office at 305-460-5540.