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Traffix Reporting App


New! An App that Helps You Report Coral Gables Traffic Issues

The City of Coral Gables is introducing a new app designed in-house to enhance citizen engagement and improve public safety.

Coral Gables Traffix is the official reporting app to let officials know about chronic traffic issues within our city boundaries. It is available for free downloading on Apple or Android (Google) App Stores by searching “Coral Gables Traffix.”

Users can take photographs and report recurring traffic issues such as blocking the box, speeding, illegal parking, speeding in a school zone, pedestrian issues, running a red light or a stop sign.

Download it from the following links:

Qr code for Traffix app in Apple storeDownload Traffix app from Apple Store

Qr code for Traffix app in Google Play storeDownload Traffix app from Google Play Store

NOTE:  iOS may block the above link.
Instead, please search the App Store for "Coral Gables Traffix"