Recognition and Awards
Employee of the Year 2018
2018 EOY.jpg
Sarah Espino

2019 Employees of the Month

January February March
January 2019 - Giusyelena Lonero.jpg Donna Johnson - February EOM 2019.jpg Lynn Schwartz - March 2019 EOM.jpg
Giusyelena Lonero Donna Johnson Lynn Schwartz

April May June
Wilma Yhuit April 2019.JPG Brigette Chen _May 2019.JPG June 2019 - Alex Regalado.jpg
Wilma Yhuit Brigette Chen Alex Regalado

July August September
question.jpg Mabel Escalona-EOM AUGUST-2019.jpg question.jpg question.jpg

Mabel Escalona
October November December
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2019 Part-Time Employees of the Quarter

Quarter 1 Quarter 2
2019 PT EE of the Quarter 1 - Michael Machado.jpg question.jpg
Michael Machado
Quarter 3 Quarter 4
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