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Absence Tracking Calendar 2018-2019

Annual Leave Payment Request

Cellular Services Request

Cellular Return

Cellular Services Release Form

Citizen Rider Application

Domestic Partnership Benefits Request Form

Donation Of Leave

Employee Contact Information and Change of Address Form

Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Employee Requisition Form

General Employee Request to Promote Form

Higher Classification Authorization Form

Holiday Calendar 2018-2019

Holiday Calendar 2019-2020

Intellectual Property Agreement

Leave Slip

Leave Slip for Directors

Outside Employment Form

P-Card Form

Parental Leave Form

Part-Time Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form

Personnel Action Form (PAF)

Police/Fire Request to Promote Form

Position Status Change Form

Probationary Memo

Reimbursement of Commercial Driver License Expenses

Request for Compensatory Credit For Overtime Worked

Request for Paid Overtime Form

Security Access Form

Separation Checklist/Return of City Property

Security Access Form

Travel Policy Forms

Tuition Reimbursement Form

Work From Home Form

W-4 2019

Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluation - General Employee

Performance Evaluation - Management Supervision

Performance Evaluation - Professional-Office-Technical

Probationary Employee Performance

Police Evaluation Forms

Civilian Evaluation

Detective Performance Evaluation

Lieutenant Evaluation

Patrol Officer Evaluation

Sergeant Evaluation

Supervisor Evaluation

Benefit Forms

Designation of Beneficiary

Domestic Violence Leave Form

Employee Beneficiary Wage

Employee Insurance Authorization Form
FMLA Employee's Serious Health Condition Request Form 8.31.2021
FMLA Family Member's Serious Health Condition Request Form 8.31.2021
FMLA Military Family Leave Provisions


Employee Discipline Forms

Employee Counseling Form

Employee Reprimand Memo

Employee Suspension-Demotion Memo

Recommendation for Termination

Schedule Pre-Determination Hearing Memo