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Employee of the Month Nomination Policy





To recognize a full-time employee each month, and one employee from those chosen in the previous calendar year, as Employee of the Year. The employee selected will exemplify the City of Coral Gables Mission – “To honor our history by providing exceptional services that enhance the quality of life for our community”.


All City of Coral Gables full-time employees are eligible to be nominated for Employee of the Month with the exception of the following:

  • Temporary or seasonal employees
  • Employees on Probation
  • Sworn Police officers or Firefighters as they are eligible for recognition through their respective departments.
  • Department Directors, Assistant Directors, Division Chiefs.
  • Employees who have previously been selected as Employee of the Year.
  • Employees who have been selected as Employee of the Month within the past three (3) years.


Nominations can be submitted by City of Coral Gables employees or residents. These nominations can be submitted electronically via email to the Compensation Manager in the Human Resources Department at: or be submitted in person or by mail to the Human Resources Department.   

Once a nomination is received, the Employee of the Month Coordinator (from the department of Human Resources) will review each nomination to confirm eligibility.  If the nomination meets the City’s criteria, it will be presented to the Evaluation Committee for review and consideration. Selected employee will then be presented to the City Manager.

The Evaluation Committee shall be composed of (a) the previous Employee of the Year and (b) representatives from at least two (2) departments. 

Nominations will be considered for a total of three (3) consecutive months. If selected, the employee and director will be notified and a letter acknowledging their selection is then sent to the employee with a copy for the employee’s personnel file.


An Employee worthy of receiving this recognition should possess the following values:  

  • Accessibility
  • Accountability
  • Competency
  • Dedication
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Responsiveness


The Employee of the Month will be recognized by the Commission and presented with a check in the net amount of four hundred dollars ($400) along with a plaque. A video showcasing the employee and their director will also be shown during this presentation. In addition, a photograph of the employee will be displayed in City Hall for the duration of the month and later given to the employee. The Rotary Club will also honor the Employee of the Month and a guest during their monthly luncheon and present the winner with a plaque.


After completion of each calendar year, an employee will be selected from the previous twelve (12) Employees of the Month, as Employee of the Year. Selection of the Employee of the Year will be made by a committee composed of the five (5) previous winners of the Employee of the Year Award and announced at the Employee of the Year Ceremony Breakfast.  All previous Employees of the Year are also invited to attend at no charge to the employee. All Employees of the Month are invited to attend the breakfast and allowed to bring a guest at the City’s expense. In addition, the current Police Officer of the Year, Firefighter of the Year and Communication Operator of the Year are also invited to attend at no cost to the employee. All other City employees are invited and may pay to attend the breakfast as well.

During the Employee of the Year Breakfast, the selection will be announced and the winner presented with a check in the net amount of $1,500, a trophy and a plaque presented by the Rotary Club. The Employee of the Year will also receive 40 hours of annual leave.  In addition, the Employee of the Year’s picture will hang in City hall for the duration of that year.