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Historic Preservation

Administrative Review of Variances

Given the communicable nature of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the CDC guidelines for social distancing, the City had suspended the Historic Preservation Board meetings (and other quasi-judicial board meetings) to protect both City staff and residents. The City is now beginning to conduct limited Historic Preservation Board meetings virtually as we continue to monitor COVID-19. In order to ensure that business can continue as usual, administrative reviews have been implemented pursuant to “Implementing Order (IO) No. 2020-01 of the City Manager: Expanded Administrative Reviews During COVID-19 State of Emergency: Variances”. The purpose of this Implementing Order is to specify the types of variances that may be reviewed administratively during the prolonged state of emergency. These administrative reviews are meant to balance the prolonged nature of this current emergency with the property rights and interests that residents and businesses have in continuing to conduct business and improve their property within the City. Staff will continue to review variance requests on a case by case basis and will limit those items going before the Historic Preservation Board to items which require a higher level of review.

Below are requested variances that are currently being reviewed by the City Manager:

Any comments or questions on the above requested variances may be emailed to or call the Historical Resources and Cultural Arts Director at 305-460-5095  until the day of the City Manager's review.