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Art in Public Places: Public Safety Building

This item will be presented by the artist at the City Commission meeting of March 23, 2021.

Comments will be accepted March 8 - March 19 

Use the link above or send email directly to: with the subject line: AiPP PSB


Eternal Vigilance

by Shane Allbritton and Norman Lee

Click HERE to view full proposal.

The sculpture evokes interwoven eternal flames, creating a gesture of departmental unity and collaboration between police, fire, and communication operators.  The form of the flames is expressed as a translucent void space within a vessel of stacked glass, appearing as an iconic beacon that marks the main entrance plaza of the new Public Safety Building. 

Underneath the stacked glass, water flows up and over a granite base with etched names of fallen responders. 

At night, LED lighting within the water dramatically illuminates the interwoven flames, creating a dynamic flickering effect.

Please note the following recommended modifications from the Public Safety Building Selection Panel including members of the Arts Advisory Panel:
  • Remove seating element
  • Raise the height of the base
  • Increase the  height of sculpture
  • Incorporate three flames to symbolize: Police, Fire, Communication Operators

Additional proposal renderings:

Close-up of water flowing over etched names in granite.