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The Coral Gables Fire Department is comprised of the Office of the Fire Chief and three divisions.  The Fire Chief is supported by a Deputy Chief, an Administrative Assistant, a Medical Director, and a Public Information Officer.  Each division is commanded by a Division Chief.

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for plans review, Fire/Life safety inspections, public education, and Enforcement of the Life Safety / Fire Safety Code, Special Events and and Public Service Announcements. The Fire Prevention Division also conducts and coordinates all fire and life safety education programs and demonstrations, and is responsible for the administration of the Citizen Survey Program. The Division is staffed by a Division Chief (Fire Marshal), one Captain, one fire safety inspector II, three fire safety inspectors, one Plans Reviewer and one administrative supervisor.

The Logistics & Capital Planning Division is commanded by a Division Chief with support from one Captain, one support services coordinator, and one secretary. The Division is responsible for delivery of emergency services via three battalions, with an average of 42 personnel assigned to each battalion, who operate on a 48-hour work week. Services are delivered with four engine companies, one platform ladder, one air support type vehicle, four ALS transport rescue units, and one battalion Chief, with a daily minimum staffing of 32 personnel. The Operations Division coordinates with the Fire Prevention Division and the Professional Standards Division to schedule daily activities. The support services function of the Operations Division is responsible for inventory, maintenance and procurement of all necessary tools, equipment, and supplies for all branches of the Fire Department. The records custodian is responsible for the maintenance of all department records and filing state reports.

The Professional Standards Division is responsible for all emergency medical, fire suppression, driver engineer, officer, and recruit training. The Division also oversees certification maintenance, research and development, safety, quality assurance, and public education. The Professional Standards Division is staffed by a Division Chief, one Captains, and three Lieutenants. The Captain coordinates fire suppression training activities and emergency medical services, conduct quality control and assurance, and serve as the safety officer and the infection control officer. The Professional Standards Lieutenants conduct in-service training as well as training required to maintain continuing education units (CEUs) and certifications.