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Fire Cadet Program

Fire Cadet Program Overview:

Coral Gables Fire Cadet Program offers high school students between the ages of 14 and 18 the opportunity to explore careers in the fire rescue service.
The Cadet Recruit Class is a 10-week training program. The programs extensive training includes a combination of instructional coursework, community service activities, and a "ride-along" program, during which Cadets work side-by-side with Coral Gables firefighters on medical rescue units, assisting the crews during real emergency incidents.


Students interested in joining the Cadet Program must fill out an application and attend one regularly scheduled meeting. Application process is open Aug-September of each year.
Parents/guardians are not required to accompany the student for the application process, but they are welcome to attend. Once a student has been chosen and notified to begin a Recruit Class, the parent/guardian will be required to attend an Advisor/Parent meeting that will explain the entire Recruit Class process, including the requirements for Recruit Class graduation, and details about the full Cadet program.

Training and Coursework:

  1. CPR Course - Certification in adult, child, and infant CPR.
  2. Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) - A first aid certification course that teaches students how to provide initial assessment and treatment to victims of medical and trauma emergencies.
  3. Station Etiquette & Equipment Familiarization - Through coursework and station visits, students learn about firehouse rules and etiquette. They also learn about fire rescue vehicles and all of the equipment carried on the vehicles, providing them with the knowledge and skills they will need when they begin riding on operational CGFD units as Cadets.
  4. Physical Training - Students are required to participate in physical training exercises, which include push-ups, sit-ups, running and other physical activities.


Each Recruit Class student must pay a one-time fee to cover the cost of registration which is a non- refundable $50.00 Fee.

  1. Students will only be allowed one absence during the 10-week Recruit Class, and may only be late two times. Tardiness over 15 minutes will be considered an absence.
  2. Students must earn a passing score of 80% on all exams.
  3. Failure of the 2nd exam or performance objective will result in self-elimination from the recruit class.
  4. Students must maintain a high school GPA of 2.0 or greater during the Recruit Class, and this requirement continues once the student graduates into the Junior Cadet Program.

After Graduation:

Upon satisfactory completion of all required exams and performance objectives, the student graduates into the Cadet Program. Each Cadet is issued a complete uniform but is responsible for returning the uniform once they leave the program. Cadets are required to buy their own black steel toe boots. Cadets will receive community service hours for all first aid and community service events that he/she attends. Typically, a Junior Cadet earns an average of 125 to 200 community service hours per year, depending on how active they choose to be in service activities.
If a student is interested in registered should contact Lt. Jinete @ 305-722-8716.