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Financial Transparency

Welcome to the City of Coral Gables Financial Transparency Platform. The City has partnered with OpenGov to provide residents, business owners and other stakeholders with an easy to use on-line tool that fosters financial and operational visibility, openness, and accountability. The OpenGov platform is an interactive reporting tool that allows users to manipulate data in a number of ways using numerous filters and drill down options. To simplify the tool further, the platform is designed with pictures and frequently asked questions (FAQs) that lead the reader to the information he/she would like to view. While the City of Coral Gables has always had a resolute commitment to financial transparency, partnering with OpenGov to provide this additional tool purposefully strengthens this commitment. We invite our viewers to explore the tool and please feel free to offer feedback at .

Quick Look

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What is the City's Budget? How much is spent on Public Safety? Where does the City’s General Fund revenue come from?

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How much revenue does the City generate from service charges?

What are the total salaries and benefits for all operating divisions?

Which departments spend the most on overtime?

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What additional funding has been added to the Capital Improvement Plan for FY20?

What are the different types of tax revenue the City receives?

What are the departmental expenses of the General Fund?

Frequently Asked Questions

Supplemental Information

  1. What is OpenGov?
  2. How do I navigate the site?
  3. How do I select the data I want to see?
  4. Can I select more than fund and departments?
  5. How do I see the actual numbers within a graph?
  6. Can I see the data in a different graph?
  7. Can I save the data I am looking at?

  1. Five Year Capital Improvement Plan
  2. Capital Projects Details
  3. Capital Projects Map – Key Projects
  4. Coral Gables Properties by Type
  5. Employee Classification Ten-Year Comparison
  6. Annual Pension Contributions
  7. Funding Ratio of Pension Plan
  8. Property Tax Distribution per Tax Dollar
  9. Ten-Year Municipal Millage Rates for Full Service Cities