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Management, Budget & Compliance

Keith R. Kleiman
   Assistant Finance Director for Management, Budget & Compliance 

Annual Budget Reports

FY22 2nd Hearing Presentation 
Follow Up Items from 1st Hearing 

Strategic Management

Fiscal Year 2021 Accomplishments

Capital Improvement Program              

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit function is a systematic, disciplined review process aimed at evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the City's risk management, internal controls, and governance processes. Unlike annual financial statement audits, an Internal Audit function conducts independent and objective operational audits to test the City’s compliance with best practices, modern performance effectiveness, and technology security standards. More specifically, Internal audits are conducted to determine that transactions are accounted for accurately and promptly as well as economically and efficiently; events, transactions, and processing procedures are established and maintained in accordance with laws, regulations and management’s policies; and assets and supporting documentation and records are safeguarded and access to them is appropriately restricted.

Please use the following link if you need to contact us concerning an audit posted on this site, or if you have a concern to share with us that you feel might be best handled by Internal Audit: