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Concurrency is a mechanism to ensure public facilities are in place and available to serve new development. Pursuant to Florida Statutes and the City of Coral Gables Comprehensive Plan, concurrency review is required for all applications for development approval in order to identify and address the impacts of new development on the levels of service for various public facilities and services. (F.S. Sec. 63.3180) [ Concurrency Application ] [ Public School Concurrency Application ] Alhambra Circle

Public Facilities Reviewed:

  • Sanitary sewers to determine capacity of sewage treatment/disposal facilities, and collection/transmission facilities.
  • Solid waste to determine capacity of landfills, incineration facilities, recycling facilities and other disposal facilities.
  • Drainage to determine capacity of stormwater drainage facilities.
  • Potable water & fire protection to determine capacity of potable water treatment plants, and capacity of water mains to provide sufficient water for fire protection.
  • Parks and recreation to determine the number or size, as applicable, of each type of open space, park, or recreational facility.

The City of Coral Gables has adopted a “Gables Redevelopment Infill District” (GRID) area for traffic concurrency purposes; hence road facilities are exempt from concurrency review for projects within the GRID area.

Projects Exempt from Concurrency Review:

  • Single-family residential development platted prior to December 8, 1992.
  • Additions, renovations, or reconstruction of residential dwellings which do not increase the number of dwelling units placed on the premises or approved for the property.
  • Additions, renovations, or reconstruction of uses accessory to residential dwellings. Sign permits.
  • Applications which will not result in a development order.
  • Applications requesting modifications of previously approved development orders where no greater than the impacts is anticipated.
  • Vested projects.

Application Form, Cost and Review Time:
The application can be obtained by clicking this link [ Concurrency Application ], costs $190.31, and takes about 10 working days for a determination.

Public Schools Concurrency:
Public schools also require concurrency review under State Law and the  City of Coral Gables Comprehensive Plan. However, single family homes, assisted living facilities, non-residential development, or projects within a Development of Regional Impact are exempt from this review.

Process for Public School Concurrency Review:
Applications submitted to the city will be transmitted electronically to Miami-Dade Public Schools (MDPS) for Public School Concurrency review. Applicants will receive an e-mail from MDCPS acknowledging receipt, providing the MDCPS application number and the link to MDCPS to the website where fees can be paid. An application will not be processed without the required payments to MDCPS. For additional questions, please contact Miami-Dade Public Schools Board at (305) 995-7634 or e-mail at:

Public School Concurrency Application Form, Cost and Review Time:
The application can be obtained by clicking this link [ Public School Concurrency Application ], there is no charge to file the city application, and it takes about 10 working days for a determination from MDCPS.

Where to Apply:
Concurrency Administrator, Planning and Zoning Division, Second Floor of 427 Biltmore Way.

Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. - 3:15 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.

For More Information:
For questions regarding Concurrency contact the Concurrency Administrator at 305-460-5236.

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