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Requirements for Solar Installations

Building, Electrical and Plumbing Permits requirements for Solar Installations

 The City of Coral Gables wishes to promote and encourage new development utilizing sustainable design and construction best practices.  It recognizes the positive environmental impacts of energy efficient building designs, construction, operation and maintenance methods and materials.  It also strives to combat the depletion of natural resources such as clean air, water and natural light.

The following provides guidance to property owners, architects, contractors and others who are using solar energy in their buildings.

  1. Equipment shall be located and designed to be compatible with the aesthetics of the building.
  2. The parapets on flat roofs shall be used to screen solar energy systems.
  3. Solar panels or modules on pitched roofs may be permitted with the approval of the Board of Architects.
  4. Solar shingles on pitched roofs shall minimized the visual contrast between materials.
  5. All solar panels shall be mounted on the roof and not projecting from walls or other parts of structures.
  6. The aesthetics design of solar panels shall be consistent with the properties of materials.
  7. Any battery storage or solar equipment shall be visually screened from view of a street with a wall or landscaping, or retain approval by the Board of Architects for aesthetic compatibility.

All the required documents outlined in the "Permit Checklist" shown above shall be submitted to the Board of Architects for aesthetic review.  Once approval has been obtained,  the submittal will be reviewed by the applicable disciplines in the Development Services Department. 

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