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Alternative Plan Review and Inspection


Phased Permitting:

The Florida Building Code, Section 105.13 and the Florida Statute Chapter 553.79 authorize the Building Official to allow construction to commence prior to the issuance of a regular Building Permit, subject to certain limitations. Phased Permits will not be issued for residential (single family or duplex) properties; for all other project types, Phased Permits are issued at the sole discretion of the Building Official.

Phased Permits are issued at the sole risk of the Owner & Permit Holder, without assurance that a Building Permit for the entire structure will be granted. A Hold Harmless agreement is mandatory.

Types of Phased permits:

Private Provider:

The use of Private Providers is authorized by Florida Statute 553.791 (Alternative Plans Review and Inspection). This program grants the property owner the option of using a Private Provider to conduct Florida Building Code plan review and inspection duties in lieu of the Municipal Building Department personnel. Once the Private Provider completes their registration with the City, the Building Department has 30 days to review the plans for compliance with the Florida Building Code provisions and approve or reject the plans. Board of Architect, Historical, Concurrency, Fire, Landscaping, Public Works and Zoning reviews are not included in the Private Provider review and are still required.
Quality Control inspections will be scheduled for the City to verify compliance with the Codes and approved plans.

Checklist for Private Provider Registration:

Peer Review:
Structural Peer Review provides an independent verification that the structural design of the Structure* is in general conformance with the requirements of the Florida Building Code, all related structural codes and technical standards. The Structure is defined as follows:

*STRUCTURE. The structural frame and the load supporting parts of floors, roofs, walls, foundations, cladding, cladding framing, stairs, equipment supports, railings and other secondary structural items are included in this definition of “Structure.”

Building Official approval of the Structural Peer Reviewer is required prior to the Structural Peer Review process.