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General Information
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
405 University Drive
Coral Gables,

Venetian Pool Concessions Menu

Concessions Menu

PARENTS PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  Children under three years of age will not be admitted into the facility. Parents must provide proof of age three to enter.

Please be aware that the Venetian Pool will cease the sale of admission tickets once the facility has reached its maximum capacity. Re-entry of any kind will be prohibited once the pool is closed for admission sales.

At the Venetian Pool Cafe we offer your family and guests a full service concession stand that serves both hot and cold food, drinks, snacks and a large variety of ice creams.

Solids and Pricing

Chicken Sandwich: $5.50
Burgers: $5.50
Cheese Burgers: $6.00
Hot Dogs: $3.00
Cheese-Dog: $4.00
Curly Fries Small: $4.00
Curly Fries Large: $6.00
Chicken - 2 pc: $4.50
Chicken - 4pc: $6.50
Cheese Pizza: $4.00
Pepperoni Pizza: $4.00
Nachos: $3.00
Mozzarella Sticks Small: $4.00
Mozzarella Sticks Large: $7.00

Snacks and Pricing

Candy: .50¢ - $1.50
Chips: $1.00
Cookies: $1.00
Oreos 6pc: $1.00
Rice Krispies: $1.00

Drinks and Pricing

20 oz Bottled Drink: $2.50
Small Fountain Drink: $1.50
Medium Fountain Drink: $2.50
Large Fountain Drink: $3.00
Coffee: $2.00
Hot Chocolate: $2.00

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