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James T. Barker Park
1047 Venetia Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134

One of five recently acquired neighborhood parks in Coral Gables is James T. Barker Park. Located at 1047 Venetia Avenue, the park was named after the late Coral Gables Commissioner who dutifully served the city for 12 consecutive years until 2001. The 0.19-acre park is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood, where residents can enjoy a moment of reflection or watch children play at this beautifully landscaped oasis. Tropical palms, native shrubs, and flowering plants give the park an English flower garden style. The park features an inviting trellis swing structure, a bench seating area, carved stone benches made of oolite stone, as well as natural boulders and logs for kids to explore. Landscape lighting illuminates the pathways and trees, adding security and character to this unique neighborhood park.

James T. Barker Park James T. Barker Park. shady walkway through the park

Catalonia Park
807 Catalonia Avenue, Coral Gables, FL, 33134

Catalonia Park is a 0.31-acre park located at 807 Catalonia Avenue. Two giant concrete turtles adorn the park replicating a similar decorative turtle that existed in the original homesite. Climbing blocks of oolite stone and natural boulders offer playtime essentials for kids. Adults can rest and socialize on a decorative round bench below the shade of a few spectacular flowering Cassia bakeriana trees. Stately Live Oak trees provide a mature canopy, highlighted by landscape illuminations at night. Other park plantings include stoppers, coontie, wild coffee, wart fern, and jasmine. 

Catalonia Park Catalonia Park Catalonia Park

Majorca Park
937 Majorca Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Another recent addition to the City’s park inventory is Majorca Park, located at 937 Majorca Avenue in a well-traveled corner just north of the Coral Gables Country Club and adjacent to two of the City’s historic entrances. The enclosed 0.33-acre park has a large playground area for children with a fun slide and a tree house climbing structure. A winding pathway takes visitors through garden gates, benches for relaxation, boulders made of oolite limestone, and around a large grass area for play. A focal point of this park is a native Ficus aurea tree that will provide canopy over the sitting area. The park is surrounded by several species of colorful flowering shrubs that butterflies love to visit such as Brazilian cloak, thyrallis, white Geiger, stoppers, locust berry, wax jasmine, ruellia and pentas. 

A large open field in Majorca Park 

Play Structures in Majorca park

Marlin Park
6540 Marlin Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33158

Marlin Park, located in the southernmost section of the City at 6540 Marlin Drive, is a 0.44-acre park in the Kings Bay neighborhood. Sprawling Live Oak trees provide welcoming shade for visitors to enjoy a moment of relaxation. A nature-inspired playground offers children the ideal location to climb and play around. Complimenting this beautiful open space are native habitat plantings commonly found in Oak hammock forests such as stoppers, gumbo limbo, wild coffee, coontie, locust berry, and wart fern.

Marlin Park Marlin Park Marlin Park

Sarto Green
241 Sarto Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Another new neighborhood park in Coral Gables is Sarto Green Park. Located at 241 Sarto Ave., this beautiful green space offers the perfect location to enjoy the outdoors surrounded by nature. The focal point of this park is a glossy privet tree (Ligustrum lucidum) encircled by a lovely circular steel bench. In this cozy corner of Coral Gables, you’ll find oolite stone blocks for sitting and other oolite stone boulders that create a natural element for kids to climb and play. Punctuating the open lawn is a native Gumbo Limbo tree selected to create shade and provide natural habitat for birds and wildlife. Other plantings that attract birds and butterflies include wild coffee, Brazilian cloak, locust berry, coontie, and Florida slash pine trees. 

 Sarto Green Sarto Green