Specific Services

Extensive Research : Pursuant to Ordinance No. 2004-40, an Extensive Research Fee will be charged in connection with those Public Records Requests that will require an inordinate amount of time (in excess of 20 minutes), expended for research and duplicating services.

Attestation : Attest official contracts, agreements and official documents (including legislation), including placement of the City Seal.

Certification : The City Clerk attests to the fact that certain documents represent a true and correct copy of the original document that is on file in the Clerk’s office.

Codification/Supplementation : Maintain and update our City Code. This office currently provides quarterly updates of our printed Code and bi-monthly electronic updates of our Code.

Notarization : Provide notary services for City-related and non-City related ($8) documents.

Recordation : Through the usage of our digital recordation services, the City Clerk’s Office maintains an audio record of board proceedings, including but not limited to Commission, as well as Boards and Committee Advisory meetings.

Records Management : Oversees records management, retention and destruction in accordance with Florida Statutes, and the Florida Administrative Code.

Protocol Document Drafting : It is the City Clerk’s responsibility to draft ceremonial documents (including but not limited to commendations, proclamations, certificates of appreciation, resolutions of condolence, and scrolls of friendship.)

Meeting Calendar : As a public service, the City Clerk’s office maintains a record of board proceedings, including a meeting calendar which covers meetings and events scheduled for the current month.