Election Maps

Coral Gables Voting Locations

The Voting Locations application helps citizens in the City of Coral Gables locate their election polling place, produce driving directions, and obtain information about the location. To locate a polling place, simply click on the map or enter an address in the search box. The polling place and respective voting precinct will then be highlighted on the map and information about the polling place is displayed in two tabs along the bottom of the map. Click the link below to access the Voting Locations application.

GIS Election/Voter History Maps

The maps appearing on our web page represent precinct as well as polling place demographic data, along with demographic data of those eligible voters existing in the City of Coral Gables from calendar year 2003 through 2011. If you're interested in obtaining a 24" X 36" size map, please contact the City Clerk’s Office . The price for the election maps are $10 per map.

Election Demographic Maps

election map.jpg