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2017 Municipal Election

City of Coral Gables General Biennial Municipal Election

City Commission Fact Sheet 2017

Number of Seats: Three City Commission Groups
(Group I, Group II and III, respectively)
Incumbent: Incumbent Jim Cason (Group I/Mayor)
Incumbent Vince Lago (Group II/Commissioner)
Incumbent Patricia Keon (Group III / Commissioner)
Election Date: April 11, 2017
Qualifications: Registered voter: U.S Citizen; resident of Coral Gables, one year immediately prior to date of election.
Term: (Mayor) 2 years; term begins three days following election.
(Commissioner) 4 years; term begins three days following election.
Electorate: Registered voters of Coral Gables: As of 09/09/16.
Last Day: Voter registration closing date: March 13, 2017.
*[Note:  The total number of registered voters as of 08/22/2016 is 29,772]
Salary: Mayor (Group I): $38,083.94 annually
City Commissioner (Group II): $30,945.98 annually
City Commissioner (Group V): $30,945.98 annually

Qualifying Period: Noon, February 20th – 24, 2017 – noon
Qualifying Officer: Walter Foeman, City Clerk
City of Coral Gables
405 Biltmore Way
Coral Gables, FL 33134; Phone: 305-460-5207
Method of Qualifying for the Ballot: Qualifying Fee ($200) – During the qualifying period, a candidate also pay an assessment fee of 1% of the salary of the office sought.
Mayor ($380.83)
Commissioner/Group II ($309.45 Assessment Fee)
Commissioner/Group III ($309.45 Assessment Fee)
Alternate Qualifying
In Lieu of payment of Filing Fee: Undue Burden Oath (DS-DE 19D)
Other Requirements:

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