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Year 2019

CAO 2019-029 Story Limitation When Developing Under PAD Ordinance

CAO 2019-028 Noise Ordinance and the use of Generators

CAO 2019-027 1220 S. Alhambra Circle Historic Preservation Designation

CAO 2019-026 Social Media Pages

CAO 2019-025 Amended HB-159 Florida Statutes 163.045

CAO 2019-024 Diamond Banc

CAO 2019-023 Resolution 2014-224 - Correction

CAO 2019-022 Conflict of Interest 

CAO 2019-021 March 2019 Amendment to Sec. 3-203, City's Zoning Code

CAO 2019-020 Grand Avenue Development.

CAO 2019-019 Microblading Micropigmentation Establishments 

CAO 2019-018 BDI Construction Company and Gulliver Academy’s Request for an Increase to the Maximum Student Enrollment

CAO 2019-017 Sunshine Meeting and Workshop

CAO 2019-016 Biltmore Development

CAO 2019-015 Swimming Pool Setbacks for Coral Bay Section B

CAO 2019-014 1223 Lisbon Street -Non-Conforming Setback

CAO 2019-013 Innovation Council Subject to Sunshine Law and Public Records Laws

CAO 2019-012 Miami-Dade County Living Wage

CAO 2019-011 Attempted Burglary

CAO 2019-010 BID Construction Company and Gulliver Schools' Courtyard Beautification Project

CAO 2019-009 Candidate Campaign Contribution Deadline

CAO 2019-008 Board of Architects (BOA) Appeal Regarding Cocoplum Entrance Features

CAO 2019-007 School and Community Relations Committee Member Serving as Communications Consultant

CAO 2019-006 Operating a Bicycle on a Florida Road

CAO 2019-005 Scrivener's Error in Ordinance 2019-10

CAO 2019-004 Ownership Required for Planned Area Developments and Mixed Use Projects

CAO 2019-003 701 Valencia Ave. Campaign Signs

CAO 2019-002 Office Max Site Zoning Opinion

CAO 2019-001 David William Hotel-700 Biltmore Way-Request for Determination of Permitted Uses for Ground Floor Commercial Units