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Year 2017

CAO 2017-058 Financial Statements Submitted by Bidders

CAO 2017-057 Renumbering of Code Provisions Following Adoption of Ordinance 2017-41

CAO 2017-056 Biltmore Bridge Restoration Project

CAO 2017-055 City Attorney Opinion Regarding Ch. 2017-149, Laws of Florida

CAO 2017-054 Piggyback Authority

CAO 2017-053 Blue Ribbon Pannel

CAO 2017-052 Legal Opinion Regarding “The Plaza Coral Gables” and Encroachments Above the Right-of-Way

CAO 2017-051 Adopting Section 3-205(C)(1) of the Zoning Code

CAO 2017-050 Donations from the Miami Association of Realtors

CAO 2017-049 Procurement Code - Procurement Officer Change

CAO 2017-048 Doctor's Hospital

CAO 2017-047 Wall - 6001 Mall

CAO 2017-046 Beer and Wine License

CAO 2017-045 Public Records and Information Request Policy

CAO 2017-044 Expansion of Justice Advocate Program

CAO 2017-043 West Lab

CAO 2017-042 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Dispensing Facilities

CAO 2017-041 Code Enforcement Liens on Other Property Owned by Violator

CAO 2017-040 Code as related to Historic Designation

CAO 2017-039 For Information and Documents by City board chair and members in official capacity

CAO 2017-038 TDR Transfer/Laguna House

CAO 2017-037 Giralda Street Traffic Suspension Resolution

CAO 2017-036 Guardhouse Lights and Cameras

CAO 2017-035 Giralda Overlay Zoning In Progress Extension July 5, 2017 to Jan. 5, 2018

CAO 2017-034 Florida House of Representatives- CS/CS/HB 1021- Residential Painting Permit

CAO 2017-033 1136 Alhambra Circle - COA (SP) 2016-014

CAO 2017-032 281 Costanera Road

CAO 2017-031 200 Edgewater Drive

CAO 2017-030 Collaborative Project between City (through the City Clerk's office) and FIU

CAO 2017-029 Referral of 717, 740, 747, and 760 Ponce de Leon Boulevard to Nuisance Abatement Board

CAO 2017-028 Tennis Court at 199 Leucadendra Drive

CAO 2017-027 Continued Relationship with Akerman LLP as Special Counsel to the City Attorney’s Office

CAO 2017-026 Electronic Voting

CAO 2017-025 Residential Speed Limit Signs

CAO 2017-24 Use of U.S. Census Bureau's Population Estimate for Purposes of MPO Membership

CAO 2017-23 City Commission's Legal Authority under Section 14 of the City Charter Regarding Personnel Matters

CAO 2017-022 Appearance by Jack Thompson

CAO 2017-021 317 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida-Sufficient Verification

CAO 2017-020 Settlement Authority

CAO 2017-019 Trial Board 

CAO 2017-18 Release of Covenant - 299 Alhambra Circle

CAO 2017-17 DriveCam Lytx - Trial Proposal

CAO 2017-16 Special Police - Parking

CAO 2017-015 1030 San Pedro and 13007 San Jose Street

CAO 2017-014 Pokebar

CAO 2017-013 701 Valencia Avenue

CAO 2017-012-1 Police Chiefs Role with the University of Miami Football Team

CAO 2017-012 Dock at 1036 Alfonso

CAO 2017-11 Bahamian Village

CAO 2017-010 AECOM Agreement

CAO 2017-009 Wolfe's Wine Shoppe

CAO 2017-008 Pool Setback - 936 Castile A venue

CAO 2017-007 927 Valencia

CAO 2017-006 North Ponce Infill Regulations

CAO 2017-005 Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue Streetscape Improvements

CAO 2017-004 Architects Registering as Lobbyists

CAO 2017-003 Lobbyist Registration Forms

CAO 2017-002 Site Plan and Restrictive Covenant-33 Alhambra

CAO 2017-001 Commercial Photography