Sustainable Transportation

Electric Vehicles & Charging Points

In 2016, the City of Coral Gables introduced its new Green Fleet, 20 electric Nissan Leaf vehicles. Since, 2016 the City has continued adding more electric vehicles to its fleet. The City currently has a total of 65 electric vehicles in its fleet, one of the largest municipal government electric vehicle fleet in the State of Florida. 

To check the station's availability and to create a ChargePoint account please visit ChargePoint website. Opening a ChargePoint account will enable the use of any of the charging stations located in the City Garages. For more information please contact or 305-460-5008

Electric Charging Station
  • (7) level II Dual Port ChargePoint Charging Stations available at (2) Parking Garage #2 (220 Aragon Avenue), (3) Garage #4 (345 Andalusia Avenue) and (2) Garage #6 (51 Aragon Avenue).  
  • (4) level II Dual Port ChargePoint Charging Stations available in Lot #20 at 435 Valencia Ave 
  • (1) level II Dual Port ChargePoint Charging Stations available in Lot #7 at 221 Almeria Ave 
  • (1) level II Dual Port ChargePoint Charging Stations available in Lot #30 at 95 Valencia Ave 
  • (1) Level II Dual Port ChargePoint Charging Station at Kerdyk Tennis Center (1150 Anastasia Ave)
  • (2) Level III single port EVGo stations at City Hall (405 Biltmore Way). Stations are managed by EVGo. Charge of $0.35 per minute. 

Each dual port station can charge two vehicles at one time.

  • (6) Level II Single Port Charging Stations at Public Works Maintenance Facility (2800 SW 72nd Ave)
  • (1) Level III Single Port Charging Station at Public Works Maintenance Facility (2800 SW 72nd Ave) 
  • (1) Level III Single Port Charging Station at the War Memorial Youth Center (405 University Drive) 
  • (1) Level III Single Port Charging Station at Police and Fire Headquarters (2151 Salzedo)

Dockless Mobility

Currently, there are 50 Spin electric scooters spread across the Miracle Mile, Merrick Park, and metro areas making exploring Coral Gables even easier. Although the beginning fleet will be comprised of 50 scooters, the City will soon welcome an additional 50 Bird electric scooters and is open to expanding the fleet if there is demand from residents and visitors. 

Scooters in Coral Gables will have a top speed of 15 mph to ensure efficient, yet safe, transportation throughout the City. While the scooters will be welcomed and encouraged throughout Coral Gables, certain areas will be deemed ‘No Ride Zones’ due to an increased amount of pedestrian activity such as the Granada Golf Course and Giralda Plaza. 

Dockless Bike Share and Scooter Share, also known as the Dockless Mobility Program, refers to a new type of shared mobility that allows users to unlock, rent, and ride bikes, electric bikes, and electric scooters from virtually anywhere using a smartphone application. Devices are currently staged on Miracle Mile intersections and nearby streets, near Douglas and UM Metro Stations, and in other locations around the city. At this time, only Bird and Spin are permitted to stage their devices in Coral Gables.

Spin Scooters

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Spin has increased the frequency with which scooters are disinfected. Each scooter is cleaned with disinfectant wipes or spray and a clean towel at all major points of contact—handlebars and mast—before it can be repaired or charged so that riders always receive sanitized scooters. Once Bird returns, they will follow similar cleaning protocols. 

When dropping off devices, they should be:

  • Parked upright at all times
  • Never parked mid-block on Miracle Mile or Giralda Plaza
  • Never be parked on private property
  • Never blocking the complete width of a sidewalk 
  • Never blocking curb cuts, fire hydrants or emergency access doors
  • Never blocking handicap access points
  • Never blocking business entryways