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General Information
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Emergencies: Dial 911
2800 S.W. 72nd Avenue

Bulk Trash

What is trash?

Trash is made up of larger items that come from the home such as furniture, palm-fronds, leaves, and tree branches.  Coral Gables Garbage Truck in front of City Hall

Trash pickup guidelines:

  • If disposing of larger items such as furniture and appliances, please create a service request or call the Solid Waste Division at (305) 460-5346.
  • Do not place trash within five feet of parkway trees, drain gates, water meters, or other utilities.
  • Do not include construction material, oil-based paints, and hazardous materials such as pesticides and household chemicals in your trash pickup.
  • Do not exceed 1 cubic yard of trash (approximately the size of a Smart car).
  • Do not place trash (besides yard waste) outdoors until the night before scheduled pickup.


Have questions about trash pickup? See common questions below:

What day will my bulk trash be picked up?
  • Residents can enter their address here to find out about their respective collection days.

Will the City fill the pit located on the swale after trash pickup?

  • Yes, once the pit becomes too deep the City will fill the hole. Please create a service request here or call the Solid Waste Division at (305) 460-5346.

How much does a special pickup cost?

  • A special pickup for items such as appliances costs $50. 

I have more than 1 cubic yard of waste I need to dispose of—what do I do?

  • The City will pick up the excess waste, but please note there is a charge of $10 per cubic yard for any excess waste removal.

Can I put cardboard boxes in my trash pit for pickup?

  • No, please discard of cardboard boxes with your recycling.Coral Gables branded truck in front of one of the city's many arched entries.