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2800 S.W. 72nd Avenue

Best Management Practices (BMP)

As part of our resilient and sustainable initiative in the City of Coral Gables, we follow the Best Management practices guidelines to reduce nonpoint source pollution and promote the efficient use of water while maintaining our City beautiful.

BMPs should integrate selection, irrigation, fertilization, and pest management in a manner that minimizes environmental impacts, yet meets expectations. Irrigation practices influence how often we need to fertilize, and this can affect the occurrence of pest problems. Weigh these and other factors when making landscape management decisions.




We use a slow release 8-0-12 (polymer and sulfate coated) fertilizer that we apply three times a year: Spring (mid-March), Early Summer (mid-May) and Fall (October 1st).

You can read more about the UF study in this article:

 Shrubs - Fertilized once or twice a year with same 8-0-12 or similar product.

 Zoysia -  We use four times a year a slow release 11-4-11 or similar product

 Acid loving plants - To correct nutritional deficiencies on plants such as perennial peanuts, ixoras and gardenias, we drench  a mix of Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Key Plex and sequester/chelated iron in the EDDHA form.


Pest Management

Herbicide -  As an alternative to Round Up, we use EcoMight’s WOW to control weeds.

Beehive removal - Beehive removals will be done only to beehive that are located between ground level and 20 feet up. If it is permitted, it will be a live beehive removal. In case that beehive colony has been Africanized and/or has parasite, it will be fumigated.

Florida Friendly Landscaping

We also encourage our residents to apply the Florida Friendly Landscaping guidelines for their own yards. You can use the following guidelines for reference:

The Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Handbook
The FYN Handbook is a homeowner’s best resource for learning about the nine FFL principles and how to apply them in the home landscape.

The Florida Freindly Landscaping Guide to Plant Selection & Landscape Design

This companion to The Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Handbook is for homeowners who want to design their own Florida-Friendly Landscapes.It includes landscape design strategies, a landscape planning worksheet, and the FFL Plant List containing many of the UF/IFAS-recommended Florida-Friendly plants for each region of the state.