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Art in Public Places

Public Art Collection, interactive on Google Maps 

KIKI SMITH: Blue Night

Returning in November, 2022

Giralda Plaza, under the palm canopy




The Coral Gables Art in Public Places Program was created by ordinance in 2007 and took effect in February 2010.  The program addresses the important goal of:  

Commissioning, acquiring and exhibiting new public artworks in Coral Gables.  Funds from municipal and private development projects are dedicated towards new public art initiatives

An oversize artwork sofa made of oolite stone with oversize lamps on either side, placed in front of a large Banyan tree.

Midsummer Nights Dream by R&R StudiosMidsummer Nights Dream by R&R StudiosA Midsummer Night's Dream by R&R Studios
located at Balboa Plaza

Public Art Master Plan [PDF] 

Public Art Guidelines [PDF]

See our Project pages for information on current and past projects.  

Construction & Renovation: Information for Developers   

The Coral Gables Art in Public Places (AiPP) requirement applies to non-municipal projects with an Aggregate Project Value (APV) of $1 million or more, except for single-family homes and projects at the University of Miami.  

Aggregate Project Value  means the total of all construction costs associated with a particular construction or renovation project regardless of the number of permits associated with the project, or whether it is a phased project.  

Construction Cost  means the total cost of a construction or renovation project, as determined by the Building Official in issuing a building permit for construction or renovation plus soft costs of architectural and engineering fees. The Construction Cost includes all labor, structural materials, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, infrastructure, design, permitting, architecture, engineering, lighting, signage, and site work. All construction and renovation costs shall be calculated based on good faith projections for the whole project, and paid as of the date the building permit is issued. This definition is not intended to include the Florida Building Code definition for Construction Cost.  

If the AiPP Requirement Applies to Your Project:   
  • Contact the Historical Resources & Cultural Arts staff early in your planning and design process to discuss.  
  • Submit an  Art in Public Places one sheet with information about your plans to fulfill the AiPP requirement in your applications for the Development review Committee (DRC) and Board of Architects (BOA) review.  
  • Complete and submit the  Art in Public Places Aggregate Project Value Application  to the Building and Zoning Department.  
  • Pay the required Art in Public Places fee or have proposed public artwork approved in accordance with  The City of Coral Gables art in Public Places Program: Funding, Goals, and Implementation Guidelines  

For further information regarding the Art in Public Places program, please contact the Historical Resources & Cultural Arts Department at (305) 460-5094 or email